Episode 18: Al Fresco!

You can find me on Instagram as sophiexuan and aspringsnowflake, and Ravelry as sophiexuan.

There’s a Ravelry group for the podcast, and you can support the podcast by either buying me a Ko-fi or joining my new Patreon community. There’s three levels at the moment but I’m planning to add more once I start publishing my designs!

I also mod in The Craft Bank. This is a place for people who want to pay it forward and donate the cost of crochet patterns, knit patterns, destash yarn or provide yarn support.

Finished Objects

Alongs: #stashdash #theendoftheWIP

  1. The Cardigan That Lived (test)
  2. Refreshers toe up socks
  3. Winding Rivers Hats
  4. Beloved (rainbow)
  5. Stash of Shells (#SOSMCAL)
  6. Tunisian Adventure
  7. Missed Kingfisher

Works in Progress (current)

Alongs: #WIPcrackaway

  1. Suffrage Sockhead Hat
  2. Taha Moana

Works in progress (in the queue)

  1. Leonilde Scarf – #dontstopcal

Other projects can be found here: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/sophiexuan

New Things


Racism and Inclusion in the Yarn Community (leaving this here for a while)

Life update

HOLIDAY! We had a lovely week in France, near Poitiers. Nice to get away from the norm.


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