Episode 1: Serial Starter

Welcome to my first yarny podcast!

Here’s everything I talked about:

Unravel (people I mentioned and yarn vendors)

Works in Progress


Zeens and Roger Granny CAL

  1. #GrannyEsFrugalSunburstBlanket blog post # on Instagram
  2. Ross Poldark Blanket
  3. 1920’s cloche hat
  4. Lamb hat (I started making this just before my daughter was born… 2 years ago!!)
  5. Love Motorbike
  6. Hexagons are my stars
  7. E doorstop
  8. Knitted jumper (this is a jumper knitted for baby me so no details!)
  9. Granny Heart Squares
  10. Carousel blanket
  11. Bunny motifs
  12. Sophie’s Universe (I haven’t touched this in 2 years!)
  13. America Trip Octagons
  14. Mood/Memory Hexagon Blanket (another not been touched for 2 years…)
  15. #theyarnadvent hexagon blanket
  16. Little Box of Crochet Slippers (these have since been frogged between filming and upload!!)
  17. Picking Flowers Sweater
  18. Pompom Christmas tree (Multipom maker)

Other things/people I mentioned


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