Finished Object: Spotting Clouds Top (#backtoschoolsweaterCAL)

There’s been a few things I’ve wanted to try in order to expand my knowledge of crochet and one of those is crocheting garments. So when the Back to School Sweater CAL was announced I jumped on the opportunity to make a garment (or two. More on that later) in a supportive group of people who were doing the same thing. The CAL is being run by Tamara at Crafty Escapism and Helen at Making at Number 14, who have organised a blog hop as well as discussion threads on Ravelry, hosted by Fay of the Crochet Circle Podcast. Click on the links above for more info.

The start date of the CAL also coincided with our first family holiday to France where we would be driving for a total of 20 hours there and back, so I’d more than likely get at least 8-10 hours of car crochet time (if the driving time was shared equally), plus evenings to get a good start on my project.

At first I chose the Picking Flowers sweater by Christina Hadderingh but I could not find yarn locally that would suit it, and I wanted to be able to squish before buying! So that went on the back burner, with the yarn added to my Yarndale shopping list! However while on her blog I saw that she had used a Scheepjes Whirl to make another garment, the Spotting Clouds Top, and the pattern is free! I hadn’t tried any of the gradient yarn cakes yet and scanning through the pattern I thought this would be a great option.

So pattern chosen, yarn choice was next. I try to shop my stash as much as possible and the pattern calls for one Scheepjes Whirl and 2 balls of Scheepjes Catona. The cotton is used at the yoke to stabilise the garment. I had odd balls of Catona, mostly left over from Little Box of Crochet projects, but none in a colour that a) suited me and b) went with a Whirl colour scheme. So I chose to substitute it for King Cole Bamboo Cotton 4ply in Pebble, as a good neutral that I thought would match with the starting colour of a few of the Whirls. From that whittled down list I chose Blackcurrant Squeeze Me, which I had seen that someone else had used in the projects on the pattern’s Ravelry page. It looked like a stormy sky, beautiful!

Here’s some progress photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve made some progress notes on my Ravelry project page. I haven’t blocked it yet but it does come up quite loose on me unblocked so despite swatching I’d probably go down a hook size or two for the body if I made it again (which I would with a different whirl!). The yoke is a perfect size.

Now I’m back from Yarndale with the **perfect** yarn for Picking Flowers my aim is to finish that by the end of the CAL too!

2 thoughts on “Finished Object: Spotting Clouds Top (#backtoschoolsweaterCAL)”

  1. Super blog post and congratulations Sophie on being the first to finish! You hooked a gorgeous Spotting Clouds Top! Looking forward to seeing your next garment!

    Liked by 1 person

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