A crochet mishap

I love the woolly social sphere. It’s full of colourful friendly people who, for the most part, are always willing to give you encouragement and advice when needed.

Recently I joined a new Facebook group: Bella Coco- The Crochet Club, started by the fabulous Sarah-Jane of blog and YouTube fame. I don’t think I’ve been in such a supportive group before. A lot of members are relatively new to crochet and will post WIPs or when they get stuck ask for advice. One such instance happened recently and I got stuck in!

Bella Coco has many crochet tutorials and one such is the sunburst granny square. It’s a simple but effective square and looks amazing in just one colour with a white or black border.

Becca posted this photo:

copyright Becca Gray

“Ok so this is a bit of a long one, was teaching my friend how to sunburst granny square and i forgot to tell her to count the chain three in round one as a treble so 120 circles later she’s only got 15 clusters per circle!!!

We’ve managed to get a pentagon shape out of them but is there any way to turn these into an easier shape to join.”

Now those maths buffs among you will know that pentagons don’t tessellate so a blanket was going to be a difficult option (unless you use Spin Cushions Pentagranny Baby Blanket pattern. It’s a really lovely blanket!). Some people suggested going 3D with the easiest option being little play balls.

It bugged me… And bugged me some more… So I thought I’d hook one up and see what I could work out. Now I do better with written patterns and charts than video tutorials and helpfully the sunburst granny square on the video is from a pattern by NittyBits. It was very weird purposefully missing the ch3 when I got to round 2!

I played around with it, stitched and frogged, and stitched and frogged until I came up with this: 

Can you spot it?

Basically 3 sides follow the pattern for round 4, however the bottom side is (from corner chains), 3dtr, 4tr, ch1, 4tr, 3dtr, ch3 (UK stitches). That means you still have the same number of stitches but the 3htr that would have been in the missing space have been replaced by the middle 1tr, ch1, 1tr.

It’s not perfect but it’s as close as I think you’re going to get!

Thanks to Becca for allowing me to use her post, just in case it helps anyone else!

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