My 3 year Girlguiding anniversary 

Facebook memories. Love them or hate them, they are useful for reminding you of what you were up to 12, 24, 36… months ago. 

Most of the time I subscribe to this sentiment: 

However today my one and only memory was this: 

This day 3 years ago I went back to Girlguiding having left in the late 90s in my early teens. I didn’t have the best experience of Guides at that point and ballet and ballroom dancing played a big part of my social life! 

So what have I achieved in the last 3 years of being back? I considered this for a while this morning over breakfast and it’s safe to say: a lot! 

  • I’ve completed a qualification including child protection, informal education, and health and safety
  • I’ve opened my own Brownie Unit (which will be two years old this week) 
  • I’ve been part of the planning and implementation of two large events, one a week-long guide camp where I organised the catering for almost 500 participants
  • Speaking of which, I’ve been on my first guide camp! 
  • I’ve supported over 50 Brownies as part of the leadership team of two units
  • I’ve been breathalysed (trip to the police station – don’t worry it came back negative!), worked a fire hose, cuddled a guide dog, braved London on the train with a group of under 10s, and survived it all! 
  • Most importantly I’ve met and become friends with some of the strongest, most dedicated volunteers (most women) and am inspired every day by what they can, and have, achieve. 


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