New Year, new blog! 

In 2014 I set myself the silly task of keeping 9 resolutions, one of which was starting and keeping a blog. I did keep one…but badly! You can find it here. It was fun but I didn’t keep up with it and the user interface of blogger was not to my taste. So here I am at WordPress with a slightly altered name. I will eventually move everything over. 

So what’s going to be different here than on my last blog? Well for one my life is about to change in a dramatic way. Baby Snowflake is on her way (little girl due in April) and I’ll be on maternity leave from mid-March. I’ve never not worked, starting with a paper round in my teens 15 years ago and carrying on through school and uni with part-time jobs and making my career in higher education administration. I’m relishing the opportunity for new experiences with our growing family but I’m slightly dreading the lack of schedule, the framework that work brings. I tend towards the lazy end of the spectrum when I’m not working and I’m scared that I’ll lose all motivation when that routine goes away. 

So in part, coming back to the blogosphere is one way to still give myself some routine! I’m hoping it post at least once a week but let’s see how it goes! 
So a bit about me for those who don’t know. I’m based in the UK, Oxfordshire to be precise (but not too much) and in my early 30s.  My passions are crochet, stationery and skiing (and hoarding stuff to do with those passions if you ask my husband!). 

I look forward to posting about these subjects and aspects of my daily life in preparation for our imminent arrival! 

See you in the next one! 

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