Weekend WIPs

New thing for me, and hopefully a weekly post. I’ve recently taken up crochet, and been practicing here there and everywhere. On our epic holiday I crocheted about a million (exaggerated, but not by much) octagons for an eventual quilt. They were easy and space saving to take on planes, and completed ones were thrown in the suitcase. Now we’re home I’m working up the energy to putting it all together, and learning new skills and patterns. Here are my works-in-progress (WIPs) from this weekend:
I’m slightly obsessed with the corner-to-corner pattern, which I discovered through The Crochet Crowd. I love how easy it is to pick up, and how quick it is!
I’m making a shawl for my Grandmother-in-law from King Cole Bamboo Cotton 4ply in Mauve and Pebble
 Also making an afghan from this lovely Rainbow Gradient Superwash Merino sock yarn from Norah and Me. Although I can’t decide if I like it looser with the 4.5mm hook (purple) or tighter with the 3mm (red)…
There’s also a scarf being made for my Maman’s birthday but I won’t show that, or I’ll ruin the surprise!

Not quite a WIP, as I finished it in an hour, is this granny daisy heart – another gift for the GIL
As well as shelving the octagon quilt, I’m also shelving the tunisian crochet multi-garment . Craftsy classes are great (in fact I’ve signed up for an Amigurumi one which looks really cool), but this class is really full on, and requires a lot of concentration! I’ll pick it up again in the new year, once work silly season, and Christmas, are out of the way. 

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