Fighting overwhelm

The last few weeks have been interesting. Overall I’ve had a really great time, seen lots of people, been kept really busy at work and with Brownies. Unfortunately what that has ended up with is overwhelm and eventual illness. Yup, today I’ve been off sick from work with fluey symptoms and just generally feeling exhausted. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love my life at the moment, I love my home life, I love being a Brown Owl and my job is so interesting and keeps my brain active. It’s just a lot and I let myself get bogged down with things I’m not achieving. I’ve not exercised in weeks (apart from the power walk to the bus stop when I’m late) and it’s felt like I’ve not seen hubby properly as I’ve been dashing here, there and everywhere. I’m not writing in my diary, I’m not keeping up with reading, and the washing pile is huge! The only thing that is making sure I’m actually functioning is my planner (which I need to post about…).
This weekend I have only one thing to do (and it’s small and fun) so I’m going to try and reset myself. I’m going to make a list of the tasks that are bogging me down and either break them up into manageable chunks, or delegate them, or discard them. I’m going to spend time with the hubby, going on walks and playing with his new Nikon. I’m going to do something creative and relaxing. 
I will fight the overwhelm.

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